Women of Color Programs

Support Group

ladies in pinkWomen of Color offer a monthly support group to Los Angeles breast cancer survivors and their families.  Support Group takes place every 2
nd Saturday, 10:00am at the Ladera Community Center in Los Angeles. Support group members gather monthly to discuss tools for survivorship and have access to peer navigating, dynamic speakers, breast health education and a network of community support.  To join the Support Group please fill out a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION so that we may send you more information.  View our CALENDAR  for a schedule of support group meetings and activities.  

       Each One Teach One

WOC tableThe Each one Teach One is a FREE Breast Health Education Seminar series open to everyone!  The program was created to help save lives.  EOTO seminars are designed to educate men, women and children in underserved communities on breast health practices.   Participants are encouraged to use monthly Breast Self Exams (BSE), annual clinical breast exams and yearly (after age 40) mammograms, as early detection tools.

EOTO seminars are only about an hour, but the message of breast health is life Long! The seminar is FREE and can be presented almost anywhere, any time.   To bring the message of breast health to your community, organization, church, job or club, REQUEST an EOTO Seminar today!

Healing Wheels

WOC Photos_0014Healing Wheels is a program dedicated to getting women to and from treatment.  Women of Color have lasting partnerships with transportation programs around the city that offer, cab fare, access rides and bus tokens to women undergoing treatment and  survivors managing their health with regular medical appointments.  For more information,  please request a  Transportation Support Packet.

Survivorship Care Plan (SCP)

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 1.06.54 PMAfter being diagnosed with breast cancer, many experience some fear and anxiety and may worry about what to do to gain the best outcomes through phases of treatments, after active treatment ends and during the next stages of life.  Most breast cancer survivors recover to normal well-being and functioning within one to tow years.  Yet for best survival and optimal survivorship, appropriate ongoing medical care and healthy life styles are required.  Women of Color has partnered with City of Hope Cancer Center on an Survivorship Care Plan program that  is  designed to assist survivors in working with their oncology and primary care teams to obtain documentation on the best treatment and cancer follow-up care advice.  SCP is a blueprint for quality cancer care and is uniquely suited to breast cancer survivors and their needs with information on their personalized:

*  Health history, breast cancer including type and stage,

Treatments and possible side effects

*  Follow-up treatments, medical exams and ongoing care

*  Contracts and referrals for cancer and other health care providers

*  Recommendations and resources for healthy life styles.



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