Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.27.33 PMOn behalf of Women Of Color, I would like to welcome you to our organization and our website!   We are an organization of committed, compassionate, resourceful women working diligently with the passion, purpose and integrity to help eradicate breast cancer and promote breast health. I hope, like me, that you find inspiration from the many stories of healing shared by women in our support group, workshops and trainings.

When I was diagnosed over 22 years ago, the women in my chemo cohort were sharing $250, thirty day share of treatment medication. This not only saddened me, it enraged me to know that these amazing, powerful and hard working sisters of mine were doubly burden by their cancer diagnosis. That is why I joined Women of Color: Breast Cancer Survivors’ Support Project, which then was the only breast cancer support group in my Los Angeles neighborhood. 1n 1992, we met in the living room of Founder P.J. Viviansayles. Then we were mothers, managers, church members, sisters, aunts, women in community with one another. We were in fact, a brave bunch of ladies, who were determined to survive. An assembly of brave, passionate women pulled our money and resources together to care for one another. This included sharing, rides, medication, and loads of tears, laughter and prayer.

We took our passion for accessible health care and culturally sensitive treatment all the way Washington, D.C., where we lobbied congress to make laws that would support survivorship for poor, marginalized breast cancer patients in our community and around the country.

Women of Color has grown tremendously since those early days. We have serviced hundreds of thousands of women locally and nationally. We have expanded our programming to include support groups, educational workshops, mentor training, emergency financial assistance and research.Nearly 25 years later we are still championing the fight against breast cancer. We acknowledge with praise and honor our sisters who have gone on. We invite you to join us in our commitment to eradicating breast cancer in their honor.

In wholeness and healing,

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Carolyn Tapp, Board Chairperson